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The ADHD Test

Is your child very active? Is it possible for a doctor or a parent if the over activity with your child is good for him or not? Could it be that the child is suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD? There are symptoms and criteria from the American Psychiatric Association help to know if a child is actually suffering from ADHD. This is done by coming up with a test for the doctors and parents to use during the screening process to find any possible disorders.

ADHD Is In Three Types

The test consists of questions that not only determine whether a child has the disorder but it also determines the type of ADHD the child is suffering from. There is the inattentive type of ADHD which means that the child just has no focus on anything and this happens for a long time. There is the impulsive and hyperactive type of ADHD. Here, the child cannot stay still instead they will be all over climbing on top of chairs, tables or anything they can climb on. They are always fidgety when seated. When these two disorders are combined it forms the third type of ADHD which can be very severe.

Doctor's Role

If you suspect is ADHD you should see a doctor so that they can do the ADHD test and officially diagnose it. This is very vital because there could be other cases presenting themselves as ADHD. It could also be ADHD combined with another condition. Vision or hearing impairment can present like ADHD in a child. So a doctor is the only person to do a true diagnosis. Read more great facts on symptoms of add,  click here.

The doctor will use a criterion that will decide if your child is suffering from ADHD. For the doctor to determine which criteria to use, there are several things that he will do. First the child will be interviewed on their behavior and why they do it and how they feel after doing it. You as a parent will be required to give your medical history. The child will also be physically examined to ensure that he has no other issues causing the behavior. For more useful reference, have a peek here

Finally the doctor using the ADHD checklists and also sharing with the parent so that the child's symptoms can be evaluated and establish which of the three categories of ADHD that your child is suffering from. Now that the ADHD test has been administered it is now up to you and the doctor to decide the next course of action.
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